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Models / Leather Rick

Avg Rating: 5.0

Leather Rick

Leather Rick Updates

Strange Sex, Volume 2
Al Parker , Bill Crane
This collection of scenes from vintage gay porn films made between 1972 and 1991 has nothing to do with normal sex! Sexual hypnosis, extreme fisting and extreme penis pump action, an 18 1/2" long cock, a kabuki striptease, an erotic museum of living statue men, a dreamlike glory hole sequence, a threeway...

Tags: 1970s 1980s 1990s BDSM
Strange Sex, Volume 1
Al Parker , Alexis Knight
This collection of scenes from vintage gay porn films made between 1970 and 1994 has nothing to do with normal sex! Giant men, dental, balloon, and plant fetishes, living blow-up dolls, birth from an asshole, a smoking butt, a dildo that goes through a whole body, strange object insertions, and much...

Tags: 1970s 1980s 1990s 69
Crime Does Pay
Donut , Leather Rick
Crime Does Pay is David Nesor's first attempt at a "storyline" in his series of heavy S&M video productions. A patron of an adult bookstore thinks he can get away with a free magazine, but is quickly spotted and hauled upstairs by Leather Rick. With his target chained up and restrained, Rick really lays...

Tags: 1980s Fetish Fisting Masculine
Pain Down Below
Leather Rick , Rocky the Kid
The viewer will wince during this punishment-fest, definitely for hardcore S&M aficionados. Leather Rick, a tough tattooed biker type, torments a young guy named Rocky with an amazing variety of bondage paraphernalia, focusing on one of the most vulnerable areas: the cock and balls. The second section...

Tags: 1980s BDSM Fetish Leather
Terrible Trilogy
Donut , Dr. Bob
Too absurd to miss! A perverted, twisted, creative Slave and Master video, featuring bondage, flogging, enemas, and the only "anal birth" ever recorded. (You'll never think of poor Bert from Sesame Street the same way again!) Ohio gay biker gang The Skulls are clearly having a lot of fun in these three...

Tags: 1980s BDSM Bear Blowjobs
Please, Sir!
Donny , Hippy
Abasement. Pain. Whips. Clothespins. Knives. Definitely NOT for the novice. "We'll see what you can handle," Leather Rick menaces. Paul does more than handling, as the viewer will find out. Rick suspends his victims and lashes him with floggers and straps, drawing marks until his body is a mess of stripes....

Tags: 1980s BDSM Fetish J/O
Slice Of Life
Bauser , Dr. Bob
From the Slave & Master series comes "Slice of Life," where consensual punishment takes many different turns and twists. A pioneering S & M video from the early 80s. One could modify Elizabeth Barrett Browing's famous line and apply it to this video: "How do I punish thee? Let me count the ways." Very...

Tags: 1980s BDSM Leather
Needles and Pins
Leather Rick , The Ghost
Heavy BDSM action. "Martyrdom by pinpricks can be painful." Leather Rick deftly and clinically pierces all areas of the body (except the face) of The Ghost, a hairy-chested bear, who ends up resembling a field marked with stakes, or perhaps a pincushion - especially his thick uncut cock. The overall...

Tags: 1980s Bear Fetish Leather
Fisting Ballet
Leather Rick , Tantric Master
This movie is for connoisseurs of handballing. Leather Rick is a big burly biker, and for the entire running time there's barely a moment when his thick meaty paw isn't up the Tantric Master's canyon of an ass. The Tantric Master is in a sling, and he twists, undulates, and fucks his ass on the fist...

Tags: 1980s Bear Fetish Fisting
Scared Stiff
Al Parker , Anthony Lee (aka Tony Lee)
Sexy, Scary, Supernatural! You will shiver with fright and delight and truly be "scared stiff" when you watch this compilation of classic sex scenes of a terrifying, otherworldy nature. Ghost sex, erotic occult rituals, men lurking in darkened alleys, nightmarish visions, vampires looking to suck anything,...

Tags: 1970s 1980s Campy Fetish