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Models / Dr. Bob

Avg Rating: 5.0

Dr. Bob

Dr. Bob Updates

A Winter's Tail
Donny , Donut
What begins as a humorously detached winter excursion into Chicago's Bijou Theater as it looked in the early 80s ends up being an ascent up a spiral staircase into Tartarus that includes a very heavy fisting and dildo scene which climaxes in bare feet, yes bare feet, inserted into bottomless maws. Transitions...

Tags: 1980s BDSM Fetish Fisting
Strange Sex, Volume 1
Al Parker , Alexis Knight
This collection of scenes from vintage gay porn films made between 1970 and 1994 has nothing to do with normal sex! Giant men, dental, balloon, and plant fetishes, living blow-up dolls, birth from an asshole, a smoking butt, a dildo that goes through a whole body, strange object insertions, and much...

Tags: 1970s 1980s 1990s 69
Terrible Trilogy
Donut , Dr. Bob
Too absurd to miss! A perverted, twisted, creative Slave and Master video, featuring bondage, flogging, enemas, and the only "anal birth" ever recorded. (You'll never think of poor Bert from Sesame Street the same way again!) Ohio gay biker gang The Skulls are clearly having a lot of fun in these three...

Tags: 1980s BDSM Bear Blowjobs
Slice Of Life
Bauser , Dr. Bob
From the Slave & Master series comes "Slice of Life," where consensual punishment takes many different turns and twists. A pioneering S & M video from the early 80s. One could modify Elizabeth Barrett Browing's famous line and apply it to this video: "How do I punish thee? Let me count the ways." Very...

Tags: 1980s BDSM Leather