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Models / Ed Wiley (aka Myles Longue)

Avg Rating: 5.0

Ed Wiley (aka Myles Longue)

Ed Wiley (aka Myles Longue) Updates

David Andreasen , David King
It's all in a day's work. Two lovers have a spat. One leaves and experiences a sexual day to remember. He walks past a public phone that is ringing and has sex with the anonymous caller. But that's just the beginning of his day's sex: he will hook up with a cop (who really knows how to utilize handcuffs)...

Tags: 1970s 1980s Blowjobs Love
Bullet Videopac 7
Adam Adams , Bruno
This vintage flick from Bullet features guys with thick cocks and hot muscles enjoying juicy mansex! In YOUNG MAN WITH A HORN, Todd Brocke makes love to himself and the camera (solo). GOOD NEIGHBORS is a hot scene between Bruno and Roger. They go down on each other; then Bruno fucks Roger with big and...

Tags: 1980s 69 Blowjobs J/O
Bullet Gold, Volume 1
Adam Adams , Brian Dexter
You can't lose with this collection of gay sex at its best, culled from early 1980s films! Volume 1 preserves for us a uniquely free time in the development of gay eroticism and film. If you're looking for sizzling hot, masculine men, great sex, and beautiful locales, it's here with tanned, muscular...

Tags: 1980s Blowjobs J/O Masculine
Bullet Gold, Volume 2
Adam Adams , Barry Hoffman
A sizzling hot vintage gay porn compilation highlighting beautiful men, sex, and locales in the sunny Californian outdoors. These men are loaded, waiting, and still the best! Volume 2 preserves for us a uniquely free time in the development of gay eroticism and film. You can't lose with this collection...

Tags: 1980s Blowjobs J/O Masculine
Head Trips
Al Parker , Cole Taylor
This is a great mid-80s vintage gay porn flick from Al Parker's Surge Studio that features a rather imaginative plot device involving a sci-fi wishing chair that grants fantasies. Legendary Al Parker bottoms for a cute blond. A man is serviced by his friend and a waiter at a restaurant. A young man fucks...

Tags: 1980s Blowjobs Campy Masculine
A Night at the Adonis
Bill Eld (aka Bill Young) , Chris Michaels
Newly restored! Jack Wrangler and Malo star in this ground-breaking vintage gay porn film by director Jack Deveau from Hand in Hand Films. This classic gay porn film is a nostalgic return to a carefree, hedonistic era of the 1970s, shot in and set at NYC porn theater, the Adonis. Bell bottoms and sideburns...

Tags: 1970s Black Blowjobs Historical
Dune Buddies
Ed Wiley (aka Myles Longue) , Garry Hunt
A teacher from Manhattan (stunning, muscular Malo, aka mainstream/porn actor Arnaldo Santana of A Night at the Adonis and Cruising) tries to escape a lifestyle of "too much sex" by foolishly renting a house on Fire Island for a month in this sexy, entertaining gay porn classic. A sex-starved student...

Tags: 1970s Latino Love Masculine
Rough Trades
Bobby Cruz , David Gorsky
This vintage gay sex film, billed as the "blue collar fantasy," focuses on a taxi driver, telephone installer, handyman, elevator repairman, delivery man, and their rich host. Constructed like a French farce, the film succeeds at intentional humor, as the couples meet spontaneously and logically. The...

Tags: 1970s Blowjobs Fetish Fisting
Boys Of L.A.
Beau Matthews , Bob Masters
Joe Andrews recalls some of the steamier incidents that the crew of his escort agency has experienced while interviewing youthful Glen Robertson for the job. Features vintage porn hunk J.W. King paired with curly-haired blond Brian Hawks (in one of his earliest roles, here billed as David Anders), uncut...

Tags: 1980s Big Dick Blowjobs Drag
Centurians Of Rome
Adam De Haven , David Hadkey
One of the most expensive gay porn films of its time, having been financed by a 1980 theft by a Brink's truck of almost two million dollars, this ambitious gay porn blockbuster of epic production centers around two Roman countrymen (George Payne and Scorpio) sold into slavery for not paying their taxes...

Tags: 1980s BDSM Blowjobs Campy