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Models / Chad Johnson

Avg Rating: 5.0

Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson Updates

Too Big for His Britches
Bill Harrison , Calvin Worth
An incredible cast of beefy, big-dicked men star in this hot classic from director Ronnie Shark (aka Bill Harrison, star of Wakefield Poole's Bijou). Hairy, 20-something Matt Christy has an active fantasy life, which concocts endless erotic scenarios stemming from his daily encounters. He imagines himself...

Tags: 1980s 69 Big Dick Blowjobs
Tall Tales
Chad Johnson , Chaz Holderman
A man rings up his friend to tell steamy tall tales of his sexual encounters and we see fantasy reenactments in which he transforms into his horny alter-ego, hairy Morgan Hunter, in this fun, sexy video directed by Joe Tiffenbach. Comedic segments of the two friends bickering over the phone (Kenneth...

Tags: 1980s 69 Blowjobs Latino
Chad Johnson , Dane Ford
Hairy-chested Chad Johnson likes getting his cock sucked, especially when he's watching himself get sucked in the mirror by Dane Ford, a great cocksucker! When Dane tires of sucking Chad's big, strong, veiny cock, he sits on it. Turning Dane over, Chad drives into him mercilessly. In the next scene,...

Tags: 1980s Big Dick Blowjobs Masculine
Chad Johnson , Chaz Holderman
It's West Hollywood glitz and glitter: great bodies enjoying hot sex. No pretense in this vintage Stephen Lucas video: it's all about sex, nothing more, with great close ups of the action, especially the big balls and deep penetration! Steven Dennis (aka Steven Trueblood) begins the video by stroking...

Tags: 1980s Big Dick Blowjobs Masculine
Perfect 10
Brett Simms , Chad Johnson
With no story, pretensions of art, or dialogue, this vintage gay sex film starring Chad Johnson is packed with incredible non-stop sex. Recommended if you like your closeups big and your asses filled hard with huge dick! "Solid sex from start to finish... The roving voyeuristic lens gives Perfect Ten...

Tags: 1980s Big Dick J/O Latino
Cam Allen , Chad Johnson
The irrepressible Chad Johnson stars as a writer who taps out some very nasty fantasies on his typewriter in this vintage gay porn feature. A blow up fuck doll, balloons and a gorilla add a little kink early on. A brunet guy jerks off in a barn. A young blond man gets a suckjob from another towheaded...

Tags: 1980s Big Dick Campy Fetish
Full House
Calvin Worth , Chad Johnson
Horny house guests make themselves at home in this super sexy frat house! A particularly strong and engaging Caynon release from director Lee Stern, this classic features a touch of storyline, great chemistry between hunky cast members, excellent sex scenes, and a lot of charm. Residents like hairy,...

Tags: 1980s Young Men