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Models / Jay Richards

Avg Rating: 5.0

Jay Richards

Jay Richards Updates

Access All Areas
Brandon Aguilar , Brennan Casey
Director Robert Prion's models always Access All Areas while getting into hot duo and threeway scenes in this all-action release. More horny Jersey guys going at it non-stop in classic Prion style! Silver-haired Prion mainstay Jay Richards has visions of uniform-clad, hairy-chested hunk Scott Spears...

Tags: Blowjobs Latino Masculine Mature
Backdoor Advances
Blain Baxter , Franco Silva
Robert Prion's models show just how much they're believers in Backdoor Advances! Super-hunk Rich Wrangler stars in three scenes in this sizzling video full of mostly outdoor sex scenes, alongside other hot Jersey guys. Hunky bald men Rich Wrangler and Scott Spears swap blow jobs, play with each other's...

Tags: Asian Blowjobs Latino Masculine
Teasin' 'n' Pleasin'
Blain Baxter , Dillon Daily
Robert Prion presents another collection of scenes featuring some of his favorite Jersey guys in this action-packed sex video! A variety of men star (a few hairy daddies in their forties, a few cute younger guys, some toned guys, and some with more average/natural physiques), engaging in pairings and...

Tags: 69 Blowjobs Masculine Sex
All Men Should
Casper , Damien DeAngelo
Robert Prion's models believe very strongly that All Men Should! Cute blond Casper is relaxing on a raft in the pool with his round butt showing, which catches the eye of Wicked, who calls him over for some outdoor sucking, rimming, and fucking. Babyfaced Damien DeAngelo becomes a sexy birthday present...

Tags: Blowjobs Latino Masculine Mature
Return The Favor
Blake Landon , Eddie Simmons
Director Robert Prion always has his models Return the Favor to each other, and this vintage gay sex movie is no exception! Newcummer Kyle Douglas and hung Blake Landon fuck by the pool. Scott Williams, Will St. John, and Jody Bennett have a meeting of the Big Dicks Club. Blake Landon and silver Jay...

Tags: 69 Blowjobs Masculine Mature
Doin' the Nasty
Andrew Michaels , Blain Baxter
This vintage Robert Prion-directed gay sex video is made up of five scenes featuring a variety of types of guys - young, mature, fit, hairy, pierced/tattooed, and natural - an orgy, a threeway, great sex, and big loads of cum! The cast includes seven Prion newcomers! Eddie Simmons and Blake Landon come...

Tags: 69 Blowjobs J/O Masculine
From Every Direction
Cole Ryder , Devon Williams
Temptation, the oldest sin, is the focus of this vintage Robert Prion-directed gay sex video! Kyle Douglas greets up his boyfriend, Jason Lucas, by feeling him up so they can trade enthusiastic blowjobs and he can lick and fuck Jason's cute, hairy ass. Sexy-accented Marcello is fixing lean cutie Ricky...

Tags: 69 Blowjobs Handjobs Masculine
Standing Firm
Adam Stewart , Brandon Aguilar
Director Robert Prion's models are always Standing Firm, especially during the title sequence, which has hot, young newcummer Damien DeAngelo taking a shower and playing with his 8" plus cock. After the shower Damien hooks up with another young, hunky newcummer Ryan Taylor, who sucks on Damien's long...

Tags: 69 Black Blowjobs Latino
Powerdrive 500
Anthony Matthews , Bryon Rogers
One of Robert Prion's stronger releases, offering several large dicks, good cumshot footage, and solid production values! Jay Richards and fit brunet Karl Thomas, in an obscene yellow thong, cruise each other at a beach, take photos & fuck. Anthony Matthews beats ramrod-straight boner. Jay Richards,...

Tags: 1990s 69 Blowjobs J/O
Natural Impulse
Blain Baxter , Brett Darwin
In director Robert Prion?s 60th feature, his cast prove that gay sex is a NATURAL IMPULSE. A variety of types of guys star, from manly and mature, to grungy and alternative, to young and slim. Hunky Blain Baxter and newcomer Dillon Daily and his 10-inch cock fool around in a barn. Cute Ricky Hanson fantasizes...

Tags: 1990s 69 Blowjobs Latino
What a Man's Gotta Do
Bryon Rogers , Damion Steele
Sexually confused Rick Thomas embarks on a journey of discovery in one of Robert Prion's most popular releases - also starring Joey Stefano! Rick stars as a young man unsure of his sexuality after unsatisfying love-making with his girlfriend, Zoe, who is hauntingly beautiful, with a shaven head. Rick...

Tags: 1990s 69 Bisexual Black
Take It All
Blain Baxter , Brandon Williams
Director Robert Prion introduces two outstanding newcomers: cute young Ricky Hanson and hairy, muscular Blain Baxter. In this vintage gay sex video, Blain and gorgeous, big-dicked Brandon Williams get it on in a New York City highrise. Giovanni magically appears to Prion regular Bryon Rogers and tall,...

Tags: 1990s 69 Blowjobs Masculine
Hidden Instincts Robert Prion
David Grant , Ian Roberts
Robert Prion is out with another gay sex film full of sweet, young "thangs" who have endowments worth flaunting! This nine-scene vintage porn video starts out hot and builds to a fevered frenzy by the end, with the numbers of participants in each scene increasing with the bat of an eye. The first...

Tags: 1990s Blowjobs Long Hair Orgy
Uncensored Robert Prion
Antonio Vegas , Erik Johansen
Director Robert Prion dug through his video closet to present this never-before-seen group of all-action gay sex. Featuring better-than-ever editing and music, he offers up his usual blast of solos, duos and trios in uninhibited, free-for-all lust! Erick Johansen, Vince Stiletto, Karl Thomas, Antonio...

Tags: 1990s J/O Long Hair Masculine
19 Good Men
Anthony Matthews , Antonio Vegas
A cornucopia of Robert Prion's New Jersey men, including several new and appealing faces in this vintage gay porn film. Hairy Anthony Matthews jerks his meat at his desk while dreaming of "hot guy at the gym" Sean Taylor. Dane Thomas eats Darren Stone's ass out by the pool. Blond, naive-looking Kyle...

Tags: 1990s Black Blowjobs J/O
Naked Truth
Anthony Matthews , Antonio Vegas
This long vintage porn, featuring a total of 16 models in 7 scenes, has two scenes that especially stand out. One features Anthony Matthews fucking Karl Thomas on a workout bench. After Anthony climaxes, Karl suddenly throws his legs over his head and comes onto his own face and in his mouth. The other...

Tags: 1990s Blowjobs J/O Long Hair
Put It Where It Counts
Billy Dean , Damion Steele
This Robert Prion feature is action-packed from start to finish, and has his best sets and photography to date, plus original music to boot! Of course, in this vintage gay porn film from Prion there is no story, just sex, sex, sex, and in this flick he's managed to crisply lens the tightest, best-paced,...

Tags: 1990s Blowjobs J/O Long Hair
The Wild Guys
Dan Stephens , J.D. Corbins
Anyone who's ever watched a vintage Robert Prion movie knows what kind of men he features in his movies. They are not your everyday gays, hell, many of them aren't even the kind of low lives you'd expect from Old Reliable. These guys have mullets and heavy New Joisey accents. They're also quite wonderful...

Tags: 1980s Blowjobs J/O Long Hair
Bryon Rogers , Dan Stephens
Nine scenes featuring sixteen sexually "addickted" young men who are treated with T.L.C. (meaning tender, loving cock) in this vintage Robert Prion gay porn video. The "addickted" first appear in a circle jerk. Other noteworthy scenes include a three-way with gorgeous muscle-man Sean Cruise; avid lovemaking...

Tags: 1980s Blowjobs Latino Masculine
Untamed Seductions
Eric Johansen , Jay Richards
Robert Prion follows his usual porn recipe in this latest addition to his repertoire: a lead introduction, eight vignettes including solos, duos and group action, lots of affection and face sucking, and a good-looking cast of horny young men. However, this vintage gay porn video is his best-to-date due...

Tags: 1990s Mature Young Men
Raw Impulse
Antonio Vegas , Bruce Ryan
This large cast of pleasant-looking young gay men seem to be enjoying themselves and each other. Jay Richards plays himself, the ever-popular porn star. He's interviewed by a reporter while they watch one of Jay's movies and make love. Cute Jeff Patten gives loving head to his friend. Tousle-haired Shane...

Tags: 1990s J/O Masculine Mature
Total Impact
Bryon Rogers , Dane Thomas
A Robert Prion collection of sex scenes with lithe, spunky, well-hung men doing what comes naturally, without condoms, with very few exceptions. A blond muscle-hunk and his cleft-chinned friend beat off, then suck face (and each other) in a corn field. Three guys in a wooden bed get into a triple 69...

Tags: 1990s 69 Black Blowjobs
Ultimate Desires
Antonio Vegas , Bryon Rogers
Like all of Robert Prion's movies, this features skinny guys with big dicks and youthful energy. After a cum-drenched opening sequence, a blond is seen masturbating in the park. Jay Richards gropes a skinny man's body and crotch before sucking his hole and having the guy sit on his hard-on. Four men...

Tags: 1990s Mature Sex Uncut
Solid Intake
Brett Daniels , Dan Stephens
Well-hung men, pulsating sex and crisp, bright cinematography make this a hearty, six-vignette gay sex video from director Robert Prion. Even before the credits run, Prion fulfills an exhibitionist's dream with a hot threeway jerk fest in the center of a crowded bar! Prion has again made a satisfying...

Tags: 1990s J/O Long Hair Masculine
Men Who Dare
Antonio Vegas , Bryon Rogers
A vintage gay porn classic collection of 9 sequences set in part at the New Odyssey Bar. Keith Raymond sucks two dicks and takes large loads in his face in a three-way scene. Bryon Rogers and Joey D'Angelo make their debut in the Odyssey's pool hall. A young man encounters an Italian guy with a big dick....

Tags: 1980s Black J/O Long Hair