Categories: 1980s, Big Dick, Black, J/O, Masculine, solo

When a scientist decides to study the human orgasm and needs sperm samples, he turns to seven sexy recruits who beat their meat in this masturbation marathon! This vintage jack off video's attractive, muscular black cast members beat off for the camera (and amusingly collect their large loads in test tubes) in individualized solo scenes, featuring a public bathroom session, a shower scene, mirror jack offs, uncut cocks, sunbathing and outdoor j/o, nipple teasing, jogging attire, a beefcake construction worker, a man wearing only rollerskates thrusting his ass on top of a dildo, and video editing and music that are charmingly very of their day. Jack Majors' directing debut, as well as the debut of star Romero Davis, the script from C. Calvin Anderson, and frequent porn directors and crew members Nick Elliot and Jason Sato behind the camera and sound make this, in addition to being a good gay porn movie, a piece of history as well.

Featuring: Al Short, Bradley, Carliss Sharpe, Florenzo Blackwell, Keith Lancaster, Odis Campbell, Romero Davis

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