A Ghost Of A Chance


A Ghost Of A Chance

Categories: 1970s, 69, Blowjobs, Campy, Long Hair, Love, Sex, Story, Young Men

A Ghost of a Chance is a true vintage gay porn masterpiece from the "old days" with its flawless cinematography, a well-written and acted story, great special effects, and beautiful sex that has a quality of tenderness rarely portrayed today. The movie features cute younger guys (including two redheads), muscular Jimmy Hughes, hot and well-photographed sexual action, discussions of love, sex, relationships and '70s gay sexual politics, and an entertaining plot about the ghost of a deceased former lover returning and meddling with his current relationship.

Featuring: Gena Powers, Glenn Brock, Jimmy Hughes, Ralph Martin aka Tim Burr, Roy Clark, Toby Willis, Tom Winston aka Tom Burk

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