Song Of The Loon


Song Of The Loon

Categories: Historical, Love, Native American, Story, Western

A classic gay love story based on Richard Amory's best-selling trilogy set in the American wilderness of 1870, this film is historically notable as one of the last major gay softcore releases on the cusp of hardcore. A sincere, well-produced film about unashamed and unpossessive gay male love, its period piece story is well-rendered through scenic locales and the poetic beauty of its camerawork. Troubled by sexual conflicts and pursued by a vengeful preacher and a former lover, young Ephraim seeks and finds peace of mind with the help of a handsome cowboy and a Native medicine man. There is no explicit sex, though it is alluded to artistically through tender touching, kissing, and nudity in attractive outdoor settings. The plot centers, in problematic fashion, around using Native characters as points of "wisdom" for white characters, and depicts Native people in stereotypical ways, while the film's romantic content and commentary on love and sexuality are thoughtful and touching. A landmark gay film of historical note for those interested in gay cinema.

Featuring: Brad Della Valle, Brad Fredericks, John Drake, John Iverson, John Kalfas, Jon Evans, Lancer Ward, Lucky Manning, Martin Valez, Michael Traxon, Morgan Royce, Robert Vilardi

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