Mr. Footlong's Encounter


Mr. Footlong\'s Encounter

Categories: 1970s, Big Dick, Black, Blowjobs, Historical, J/O, Love, Masculine, Sex

Duncan, a handsome Black man with a large dick and a gentle nature, is a very skillful fucker. He lives with his lover, a butch, bearded red-haired man who brings a trick home, only to have Duncan steal him from him. This, of course, causes some tension. Such is the simple story. Sex by the pool and by the fireplace, a three-way, some J/O, excellent ass-fucking closeups, sweaty intimacy from the horny actors, and genuine tenderness are featured in this breathy gay sex movie that's strong on fucking and historically notable as one of the first gay porn features to have a Black performer as the lead.

Featuring: Antonio, Bob Avers, Bob Stevens, Duncan, Louis Gomez

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