Dune Buddies


Dune Buddies

Categories: 1970s, Latino, Love, Masculine, Sex, Story

A teacher from Manhattan (stunning, muscular Malo, aka mainstream/porn actor Arnaldo Santana of A Night at the Adonis and Cruising) tries to escape a lifestyle of "too much sex" by foolishly renting a house on Fire Island for a month in this sexy, entertaining gay porn classic. A sex-starved student (handsome Larry Paige) tracks him down to satisfy his crush, but their attempts to connect are continually thwarted by distractions and mix-ups, resulting in a campside tryst, a ravenous orgy, and more! Shot on location, highlighting the locales and spirit of 1970s Fire Island, this is a fun, pleasant film with much realism created through the actors' true lust for one another. Sex scenes sizzle and the intentional comedy works well, sold through strong performances (including one by the always-stellar Garry Hunt of Ballet Down the Highway). Boat sex between Will Seagers (aka Matt Harper) and Hugh Allen, a gorgeous outdoor shower J/O scene by Paige, Adonis-type bodies, hard and large dicks, and unusually good acting and dialogue (from Moose 100, screenwriter of Hand in Hand's later era comedies) make this a well done release by one of the great studios of vintage porn! (This is the more sex-heavy counterpart to Deveau's other Fire Island sex comedy, 1979's Fire Island Fever, featuring many of the same stars.) "How pleasing it is to hear laughter during sex." - Bob's Bazaar

Featuring: Ed Wiley (aka Myles Longue), Garry Hunt, Hugh Allen, Larry Paige, Malo, Paolo Gorsky, Pepe Brazil, Will Seagers (Matt Harper)

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