The Frenchman & The Lovers


The Frenchman & The Lovers

Categories: 1970s, 69, Blowjobs, Love, Masculine, Sex, Story

This excellent vintage gay porn by Tom DeSimone (director of The Idol) is the dramatic story of how the lives of a porno photographer and his rugged lover are disrupted when a former beau (Eric Clement) from France comes to visit the U.S. The first segment features the lovers, Dan Gentry and Bob Blount, who are oral enthusiasts and hot ass suckers and 69ers. Gentry humps his lover's hole in a romantic finale. Bob Blount fucks his old flame on a pool table when their reunion ignites passion, and the Frenchman sets out to break up the duo. The photographer later shoots a hairy beefcake and a bodybuilder in a photo session that leads to sex. Bob hires one of his models to seduce the Frenchman in order to keep his relationship from breaking up and to relieve his lover's discontent and he watches and photographs the poolside action. Jim gets even with his lover and the foreigner in a final scene, the hottest in the video. A "skin flick mystery with muscle," said Weekly Entertainment Magazine. As usual, DeSimone provides good acting without skimping on the sex. The cast is well-built, macho, and breath-takingly good-looking. The trio of stars are adept both sexually and dramatically. Shot originally on film, the production as seen in the current video has lost some of its vibrant color in the transfer to tape, but the explicit action, the honest acting, and the intelligent script remain ideal models for a story film.

Featuring: Bob Blount, Bob Damon, Bob Porter, Dan Gentry, Dan Pace (Rocky Genero), Eric Clement, Guy DeSilva, Guy Silva

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