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Jack Wrangler portrays a man with a split personality, torn between nasty, back-alley sex and his clean, straight-laced life with his lover, Craig (Chris Adams in his first adult film role), in this wonderful vintage gay porn film. In a flashback scene, we see Jack in a leather jacket and torn jeans servicing leather-clad "daddy" Richard Locke in an alley, Locke smoking almost continually as Jack blows and eats him. The movie alternates between scenes of Wrangler as the successful architect who falls in love with Craig, a carpenter working for him, and the aggressive loner who is into cruisy sex. Other sex includes: Wrangler sucking off two men through glory holes in a public bathroom, getting gangbanged atop a pool table, and satisfying himself in energetic and kinky ways with a hustler (including brief bondage and sounding). Wrangler appears in every scene and proves to be a star both sexually and professionally.

Featuring: Chris Adams, Doug Thompson, Duff Paxton, Gene Braun, Jack Wrangler, Jacque Houff, John Seychelle, Lucas Severin, Mike Black, Richard Locke, Terry King

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