Slaves for Sale, Part 1 directed by Robert Payne

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A vintage BDSM gay porn classic inspired by Robert Payne's famous BDSM two-part magazine The Care & Training of the Male Slave. Robert Payne's real name was John Embry, the publisher of Drummer Magazine from 1975 to 1986. In 1975, Mr. Embry held a mock slave auction in Los Angeles, which even caused a massive police raid. Over 105 police officers, some helicopters, and dozens of police cars showed up. Mr. Embry, other men, and one women, were charged with an 1975 statute trafficking in human slaves, a felony. The charges were dropped once the nature of the event became apparent, but not without some struggle. This film features all types and levels of BDSM play, including bondage, tit play and flogging.

1984 | A Bijou production

Featuring: Ken Berquist, Sonny Cline, Eric Johnson, John Kass, Tracey Morgan, Brad Estrata
Categories: 1980s

Slaves for Sale, Part 1: