The Bigger The Better directed by Matt Sterling

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This always-popular best-selling film directed by Matt Sterling is as good as it gets when it comes to classic porn: an all-star cast of gorgeous hunks, huge cocks, extraordinary production values, enough of a story to keep the fantasy going, and strong manly action that just doesn't stop! You'll find student-teacher sex, t-room action, dirty talk, tons of sex with cum flying everywhere, and one of the all-time great underwear sequences. This movie is also noteworthy because it's one of the few gay flicks legendary straight porn performer Peter North (billed here as Matt Ramsey) ever made. Rick "Humongous" Donovan plays a college student who fucks his teacher (North/Ramsey) after class, noisily and roughly, and only after making Ramsey plead for it. Other highlights include Buster finding his straight buddy in his bed in white Jockey briefs and giving him a blowjob; muscular Matt Ramsey fooling around with cute Brian Michaels (aka Bobby Madison) in the gym; and a famous scene in which Brian Hawks (aka Shawn McIvan) enthusiastically gets down and dirty with four different guys down in the school bathroom - on the toilet, on the floor, and through the glory hole. There are no mechanical motions here. The film maintains an intensity throughout and will have you watching it again and again and again. No self-respecting vintage porn fan should miss out!

1984 | 70 min. | A Bijou production

Featuring: Rick Donovan, Brad Mason (John Thomas), Brian Michaels (Bobby Madison), Joe Craig, Matt Ramsey (Peter North), Brian Hawks (Shawn Mclvan), Doug Weston, Buster, Mike Ramsey
Categories: J/O, Sex, Story, 1980s, Young Men, Blowjobs, Athletes, Big Dick, solo

The Bigger The Better: