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L.A. Tool & Die

19 photos, 85:28 of video
Added 01/13/2022 Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0
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One of the most beloved and sought-after films in all of vintage gay porn! In this outstanding Joe Gage classic, Hank (Richard Locke) goes on a cross-country drive in pursuit of a man he met and instantly fell for, Wylie (Will Seagers), to L.A. Tool & Die, where they eventually wind up working side by side. This, the final installment in the Gage Brothers' groundbreaking Working Man Trilogy (following Kansas City Trucking Co. and El Paso Wrecking Corp.), accompanies both Hank and Wylie along their drives and into their sexual adventures along the way, also making pit stops to observe the sex lives of other men along the highway (with appearances by other big names in vintage porn). Hank, whose free lifestyle is illustrated in three orgies, is experienced in casual and anonymous sex, while Wylie is recovering from a lost love and is timid about partaking, though opening up as the film progresses. The arcs of the lead characters and their relationship are beautifully captured by Gage and portrayed with sensitivity and genuine chemistry by Locke and Seagers. This is a rare film full of sizzling sex and stunning men, as well as a full story and a focus on a developing relationship and deepening love between two men. You will not see many movies like this, a beautifully made and brilliant production that is equal parts raunchy and touching. Our copy is remastered from a well-preserved original 16mm film print, and is the best version available anywhere!

Featuring: Beau Lovejoy, Becky Bitter, Bob Blount, Carlos Balajo, Casey Donovan, Chuck Cord, Dan Pace (Rocky Genero), Derrick Stanton, Greg Dale (aka Dale Arnold), Joe Gage, Joe Walsh, Johnny Falconberg, José Solica, Joseph Kearns, Matthew Forde, Max Osterhaut, Michael Kearns, Nels Stensgaard, Patrick Graham, Paul Barresi, Paul Guild, Richard Locke, Richard Youngblood, Roy Harwood, Scott Sinclair, Shaun Victors, Shelly York, Steve Rideout, Terri Hannon, Will Seagers (Matt Harper), Young Hitt
Categories: 1970s, Bisexual, Blowjobs, J/O, Love, Masculine, Orgy, Sex, Story, Straight Scene

The Frenchman & The Lovers

17 photos, 71:10 of video
Added 01/12/2017 Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0
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This excellent vintage gay porn by Tom DeSimone (director of The Idol) is the dramatic story of how the lives of a porno photographer and his rugged lover are disrupted when a former beau (Eric Clement) from France comes to visit the U.S. The first segment features the lovers, Dan Gentry and Bob Blount, who are oral enthusiasts and hot ass suckers and 69ers. Gentry humps his lover's hole in a romantic finale. Bob Blount fucks his old flame on a pool table when their reunion ignites passion, and the Frenchman sets out to break up the duo. The photographer later shoots a hairy beefcake and a bodybuilder in a photo session that leads to sex. Bob hires one of his models to seduce the Frenchman in order to keep his relationship from breaking up and to relieve his lover's discontent and he watches and photographs the poolside action. Jim gets even with his lover and the foreigner in a final scene, the hottest in the video. A "skin flick mystery with muscle," said Weekly Entertainment Magazine. As usual, DeSimone provides good acting without skimping on the sex. The cast is well-built, macho, and breath-takingly good-looking. The trio of stars are adept both sexually and dramatically. Shot originally on film, the production as seen in the current video has lost some of its vibrant color in the transfer to tape, but the explicit action, the honest acting, and the intelligent script remain ideal models for a story film.

Featuring: Bob Blount, Bob Porter, Dan Gentry, Dan Pace (Rocky Genero), Eric Clement, Guy DeSilva, Guy Silva
Categories: 1970s, 69, Blowjobs, Love, Masculine, Sex, Story

Hot Truckin'

31 photos, 71:17 of video
Added 11/04/2013 Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0
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Newly restored from a beautiful 16mm print, this classic starring Gordon Grant (a well-hung muscleman, here in one of his few film roles) looks better than ever! The story concerns two insatiable truckers (Grant and Nick Rodgers) delivering their loads all over Los Angeles. Tough-looking Grant sucks and fucks a couple of blue-collar types and Rodgers goes off to a park men's room for a glory hole scene. The humpy truckers entice a bicyclist into the back of their truck for a three-way, then pick up a hitchhiker. Full of freewheeling sex, this Tom DeSimone-directed film also includes more kissing and hairier men than are usually seen in today's porn, along with a great soundtrack, fun driving/working montages, clever dialogue and and solid acting performances from the entire cast, and clear photography and color.

Featuring: Bob Snowdan, Claton Cooper (aka Clay Hughes), Gordon Grant, Johnny Dillon, Nick Rodgers, Tom Marze
Categories: 1970s, Big Dick, Blowjobs, J/O, Masculine, Sex