Hot Truckin' directed by Tom DeSimone (Lancer Brooks)

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Newly restored from a beautiful 16mm print, this classic starring Gordon Grant (a well-hung muscleman, here in one of his few film roles) looks better than ever! The story concerns two insatiable truckers (Grant and Nick Rodgers) delivering their loads all over Los Angeles. Tough-looking Grant sucks and fucks a couple of blue-collar types and Rodgers goes off to a park men's room for a glory hole scene. The humpy truckers entice a bicyclist into the back of their truck for a three-way, then pick up a hitchhiker. Full of freewheeling sex, this Tom DeSimone-directed film also includes more kissing and hairier men than are usually seen in today's porn, along with a great soundtrack, fun driving/working montages, clever dialogue and and solid acting performances from the entire cast, and clear photography and color.

1978 | 73 min. | A Hand in Hand production

Featuring: Gordon Grant, Nick Rodgers, Johnny Dillon, Bob Damon, Bob Snowdan, Claton Cooper (aka Clay Hughes), Tom Marze
Categories: J/O, Masculine, Sex, 1970s, Blowjobs

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