Something Wild directed by Robert Walters

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This vintage gay film is the first full-sound, full-scale release from Nova. Two backpackers swap sex stories after they spy on two guys having sex in a cabin. There's a student/teacher pairing in a library. A man applies for a warehouse position, is told of all the sex that takes place there, and he and the boss (super-hung Wade Davis) get it on. There's a pair of kissing cousins. Finally, the backpackers get excited and fuck in their tent. One of Nova's best films: well-produced, well-shot, and featuring excellent characterization matching very erotic sex segments!

1984 | 116 min. | A Nova production

Featuring: Brian Michaels aka Bobby Madison, Rob Montessa (aka Gavin Burke), Scott Avery, Glen Armstrong, Gavin Burke, Wade Davis, Randy Page, Eliot Higgins
Categories: Black, Masculine, Sex, Story, 1980s, Young Men, Blowjobs

Something Wild: Scene Images