Rob Montessa (aka Gavin Burke)

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The Biggest One I Ever Saw

32 photos, 70:23 of video
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Young, hung ex-marines Lee Ryder and Rod Philips recount their favorite sexual experiences in the service in this star-studded classic full of well-endowed favorites! Size isn’t everything... it’s the only thing! This video interweaves the two buddies’ J/O session with flashbacks and fantasies about marines and sailors, highlighting some of the greatest (and most hung) gay porn stars of the ‘80s. Uniform-lovers and size queens will salivate over this assemblage of scenes, all well-performed, with enthusiastic, vigorous action and lots of dirty talk. The sex is great and the cast top-notch in this well-realized, super hot vintage porn video, which is also the directorial debut of Ronnie Shark (aka Bill Harrison, the BIG star of Wakefield Poole's 1972 classic, Bijou).

Featuring: Cole Taylor, Dave Connors, Jon King, Lee Ryder, Rick Donovan, Rod Philips, Scott Rowe, Steve Collins
Categories: 1980s, Big Dick, Blowjobs, Handjobs, J/O, Masculine, Military, Sex

Something Wild

5 photos, 116:00 of video
Added 02/04/2014 Average Rating: 4.0Average Rating: 4.0Average Rating: 4.0Average Rating: 4.0Average Rating: 4.0
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This vintage gay film is the first full-sound, full-scale release from Nova. Two backpackers (Scott Avery and Glen Armstrong) swap sex stories after they spy on two guys fucking in a cabin. There's a student/teacher pairing in a library. A man applies for a warehouse position, is told of all the sex that takes place there, and he and the boss (super-hung Wade Davis) get it on. There's a first time scene. Finally, the backpackers get excited and fuck in their tent. Great non-stop action that includes a four-way, self-sucking, cum-eating, and much more. One of Nova's best films: well-produced, well-shot, and featuring excellent characterization matching very erotic sex segments!

Featuring: Brian Michaels (Bobby Madison), Eliot Higgins, Gavin Burke, Glen Armstrong, Randy Page, Scott Avery, Wade Davis
Categories: 1980s, 69, Black, Blowjobs, Masculine, Orgy, Sex, Story, Young Men

Student Bodies

2 photos, 73:39 of video
Added 12/11/2013 Average Rating: 3.5Average Rating: 3.5Average Rating: 3.5Average Rating: 3.5Average Rating: 3.5
  Avg Rating: 3.5

How students at the same college spend their time arranging sexual liaisons with each other. Good sex. Good cumshots. Very educational vintage gay porn! Highlights include Rob Montessa sucking himself off and cumming in his own face and a scene between Lance and Rob. There's also an outdoor three-way by the pool and a quick scene in a hot tub. Unlike the other Magnum Griffin releases, Student Bodies is a full-length, sync-sound feature.

Featuring: Aaron Gage, Chuck Hensen, Cory Jacobson, Eric Stryker, Joe Reeve, Lance, Steve Waseman
Categories: 1980s, Big Dick, Black, Sex, Young Men