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Models / Jaap Penraat

Avg Rating: 5.0

Jaap Penraat

Hand in Hand Films co-founder, Jaap Penraat, was a Dutch WWII hero and a renowned industrial designer and architect who formed the influential early gay porn studio with Jack Deveau and Robert Alvarez. He has cameo appearances in a few of their films: Drive, Ballet Down the Highway, Adam and Yves, and Good Hot Stuff. He co-produced their films and co-directed their first feature, Left-Handed, with Deveau.

Jaap Penraat Updates

Brian Destazio , Christopher Rage (Mary Jim Sstunning)
This superb, and highly ambitious, vintage gay porn film sports a cast of 50 and a wild scheme to rid the world of sex! The strong story has the mad Arachne (Christopher Rage, billed here as Mary Jim Sstunning, giving a great performance in Dietrich-esque drag) plotting to kidnap a scientist (Mark Woodward)...

Tags: 1970s 69 BDSM Blowjobs
Adam and Yves
Bill Eld (aka Bill Young) , Bob Jones
This is a film that could only have been made in the '70s! Inspired by the early years of gay liberation and the international film renaissance, director Peter de Rome brings a gravity to the blue movie in this, his first feature, and integrates sex into story in such a way that the two are inseparable,...

Tags: 1970s Black Blowjobs Campy
Good Hot Stuff
Al Mineo , Alexis Knight
A documentary (narrated by porn star Mark Woodward) about Hand in Hand Films, the pioneer gay movie company that first appeared in 1972. This is a history of the New York-based studio and how its three founders (Jack Deveau, Robert Alvarez and Jaap Penraat) dedicated themselves to moviemaking. In addition...

Tags: 1970s Bisexual Black Blowjobs
Ballet Down The Highway
Garry Hunt , Gene Kelton
A ballet dancer's life is disrupted by an affair with a truck driver in this ambitious Jack Deveau-directed film shot in Manhattan, which features a compelling story, well-realized characters, complex emotions, raunchy gay porn action, and wonderful ballet sequences. This is cinema first, like much of...

Tags: 1970s Blowjobs J/O Love