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Sex Toilets
Casey Donovan , Dave Daniels
This vintage gay porn movie is a glory hole extravaganza that features legendary porn stars Casey Donovan, Jack Wrangler, and Eric Ryan. Seven vignettes showing hot T-room sex: Sex Toilets; Bartender's Suck-Break; Men's Room Fuckathon; Bookstore Fuck-Suck; White-Collar Toilet Fuck; Bathhouse Ass-Fuck;...

Tags: 1980s Blowjobs Fetish Glory Hole
Sex Toilets 4
Christopher Dock , Drake Cass (aka Blake Cass)
Where there's a public toilet, there's hot sex - that's the premise of this compilation of t-room scenes from classic gay porn films! Features excerpts from: Hungry Hole, Therapy, From Paris to New York, Oversize Load, Always Ready, Men's Room, Duffy's Tavern, and A Night at the Adonis. With duos, group...

Tags: 1970s 1980s 1990s 69
Sex Toilets 2
Al Parker , Bill
Where there's a public toilet, there's hot sex! That's the premise of this compilation of classic gay porn t-room scenes featuring excerpts from Turned On!, The Bigger the Better, Hot House, Dangerous, Adam and Yves, Best Friends, Voyeur Boys, and A Dream of Body. Watersports, orgies, threeways, fucking,...

Tags: 1970s 1980s 1990s Black
Sex Toilets 3
Andy Fuller , Doug Thompson
Where there's a public toilet, there's hot sex! That's the premise of this compilation of classic gay porn t-room scenes. Featuring excerpts from: Huge 1, Grease Monkeys, Gemini, Twelve at Noon, Three Day Pass, Gettin' Down, Greenhorn, and Thunderheads.

Tags: 1970s 1980s 1990s 69
Oversize Load
Cody Steele , Franco Gonella
Sex with truck drivers, on the roads, and in the toilets with Scott O'Hara, Jeff Turk, Jason Steele, and others.

Tags: 1980s Big Dick Mature
Dune Buddies
Ed Wiley (aka Myles Longue) , Garry Hunt
A teacher from Manhattan (stunning, muscular Malo, aka mainstream/porn actor Arnaldo Santana of A Night at the Adonis and Cruising) tries to escape a lifestyle of "too much sex" by foolishly renting a house on Fire Island for a month in this sexy, entertaining gay porn classic. A sex-starved student...

Tags: 1970s Latino Love Masculine
Once In A Blue Moon
Bill Jones , Dean Pike
This outstanding hardcore ???short story??? collection by Toby Ross is a refreshingly different vintage gay sex video! Always provocative, Ross constructs a video with groundbreaking dialogue and intrigue, historical significance, spontaneity, and a well-mixed offering of good acting, steamy sex, and...

Tags: 1990s Black Blowjobs Campy
Sex Machine
Bill Harrison , Dan Pace (Rocky Genero)
A cast of 16 muscular models enjoy the baths, peep shows, and fleshpots of Los Angeles in this excellent voyeuristic gay porn fantasy about sex-video machines. A humpy, mustached man watches two men 69 on a bed. Also there is Jack Wrangler, who gets his cock sucked by a hairy, bearded man. Another film...

Tags: 1970s 1980s 69 Big Dick
Big Brother Is Watching You
Dan Rockford , Doug Harper
Redheads, bathroom and locker room action, big dicks, outdoor fucking, and raunchy back-seat car sex are offered in this collection of four classic Nova Studio loops full of vigorous and enthusiastic entanglements! These action-packed sex scenes are structured around thin premises and accompanied by...

Tags: 1980s 69 Blowjobs J/O
From Paris to New York
Bill Grove , Bob Bleecker
Expanded and improved version! This incredible classic (also known as New York City Inferno/Hotter Than Hell) is now presented in the most complete form yet available. A fascinating fusion of documentary, narrative, and sex film, this sizzling Marvin Merkins (aka Jacques Scandelari) production epitomizes...

Tags: 1970s Black Blowjobs Documentary
Golden Years
Scott Miller
A classic Toby Ross film about the good times and good sex of men in the prime of their lives - they share tender, loving sex and huge cocks while discovering and exploring their masculinity. Scott Miller (a skinny, long-haired young man with a cock bigger than he is) paints his body and dances on a...

Tags: 1980s 69 Blowjobs J/O
Al Parker , Bob Blount
Powerful visual symbols, strong acting and characterization, realism, and great sex - all are to be found in this vintage gay porn film from director Steve Scott. Almost all the men (including Al Parker in the starring role) are bearded, with average athletic bodies. The sex ranges from sleazy to romantic,...

Tags: 1970s Love Masculine Mature
Put It Where It Counts
Billy Dean , Damion Steele
This Robert Prion feature is action-packed from start to finish, and has his best sets and photography to date, plus original music to boot! Of course, in this vintage gay porn film from Prion there is no story, just sex, sex, sex, and in this flick he's managed to crisply lens the tightest, best-paced,...

Tags: 1990s Blowjobs J/O Long Hair
Razor Close
Aaron Gunn , Paul Barresi
Sexy, cocky Aaron Gunn leads the cast in this hot vintage gay sex video, with a shaving fetish twist, directed by porn legend Paul Barresi, who also has a memorable on screen role as Gunn's stern (and kinky) guidance counselor. Rich college student Gunn has a thing for shaving the muscular asses of fellow...

Tags: 1990s Black Blowjobs Fetish
Rough Trades
Bobby Cruz , David Gorsky
This vintage gay sex film, billed as the "blue collar fantasy," focuses on a taxi driver, telephone installer, handyman, elevator repairman, delivery man, and their rich host. Constructed like a French farce, the film succeeds at intentional humor, as the couples meet spontaneously and logically. The...

Tags: 1970s Blowjobs Fetish Fisting
The Destroying Angel
Alain Monceau , Bill Eld (aka Bill Young)
"There's only one way to overcome temptation - by giving into it!" Peter de Rome brings a balanced measure of storyline, emotion, and steamy sex to this classic gay horror/porn hybrid, which is simultaneously artful, campy, and haunting. Based on a Poe story, the film focuses on Caswell Campbell, a priest...

Tags: 1970s BDSM Blowjobs Campy
Wanted: Billy the Kid
Compton Payne , Darc Traid
This vintage gay porn masterpiece from Jack Deveau stars dazzling "Mr. Bare America" winner Dennis Walsh as a good-looking, resourceful New York actor who has combined his theatrical instincts, need for money, and over-active sex drive into a career as a hustler. He cultivates his clientele: a youthful...

Tags: 1970s Bisexual Black Blowjobs
Ballet Down The Highway
Garry Hunt , Gene Kelton
A ballet dancer's life is disrupted by an affair with a truck driver in this ambitious Jack Deveau-directed film shot in Manhattan, which features a compelling story, well-realized characters, complex emotions, raunchy gay porn action, and wonderful ballet sequences. This is cinema first, like much of...

Tags: 1970s Blowjobs J/O Love
Craig Anderson , Jack Burke
3 hot vignettes with sync sound and very erotic action! Highlights are traveling salesman Craig Anderson and his tryst with lovers Jack Burke and Scott Anderson - in their "first" three-way. The duo ride horses in the nude and happen upon his stalled car and decide to fix him instead, with blowjobs and...

Tags: 1980s Blowjobs Fetish Leather
Bullet Gold, Volume 1
Adam Adams , Brian Dexter
You can't lose with this collection of gay sex at its best, culled from early 1980s films! Volume 1 preserves for us a uniquely free time in the development of gay eroticism and film. If you're looking for sizzling hot, masculine men, great sex, and beautiful locales, it's here with tanned, muscular...

Tags: 1980s Blowjobs J/O Masculine
Brian Destazio , Christopher Rage (Mary Jim Sstunning)
This superb, and highly ambitious, vintage gay porn film sports a cast of 50 and a wild scheme to rid the world of sex! The strong story has the mad Arachne (Christopher Rage, billed here as Mary Jim Sstunning, giving a great performance in Dietrich-esque drag) plotting to kidnap a scientist (Mark Woodward)...

Tags: 1970s 69 BDSM Blowjobs
Fire Island Fever
Chris Michaels , David Littler
It's Fire Island in 1979, and the beautiful men who have arrived to vacation have nothing but sex and sand on their minds. No vacation is complete without plenty of fucking, sucking and indulging in sexual debauchery. What happens on Fire Island stays on Fire Island! In this classic porn, two lovers...

Tags: 1970s 69 Campy Historical
Chris Adams , Doug Thompson
Jack Wrangler portrays a man with a split personality, torn between nasty, back-alley sex and his clean, straight-laced life with his lover, Craig (Chris Adams in his first adult film role), in this wonderful vintage gay porn film. In a flashback scene, we see Jack in a leather jacket and torn jeans...

Tags: 1970s 69 Blowjobs Fetish
Getting It
Biff Warner , Jeff Nichols
It’s 1985 and everyone is Getting It - especially all the hot studs in this exceptional classic by director Philip St. John! All that blond hottie Randy (Jim Bentley) really wants to do is get that big cock of his straight buddy, Curt (Shawn Michaels), as they attend a house party full of a bunch of...

Tags: 1980s Blowjobs Fetish J/O