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For the Love of God

107:28 of video
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Get on your knees and say 'Hallelujah!' for this unique collection of erotically-charged vintage gay porn scenes where sex and religion meet and mingle. These scenes are pulled from classics made between 1970 and 1991 that examine the various ways in which religion and sexuality connect, overlap, and clash. Sexuality as salvation; homoerotic religious rites; the suppression of sex and homosexuality by religion; erotic retellings of mythological tales; sin and kinky punishment; transcendent states of yearning. With solo scenes, pairings, and orgies and an emphasis on mood, experimental technique, psychology, horror, and social commentary - plus a few moments of comedy and romance - this collection ranges from gentle to rough; funny to frightening; elegant to trashy; glory to torment... from Heaven to Hell and everywhere in between! Featuring excerpts from The Erotic Films of Peter de Rome, The Destroying Angel, Once in a Blue Moon, The Goodjac Chronicles, Night of the Occultist, Adam and Yves, and A Deep Compassion. Nearly two hours of content that is sure to work you up to a state of divine ecstasy!

Featuring: Bill Jones, Barry Lowe, Bill Abney, Bill Eld (aka Bill Young), Bob Powell, Chris Harts, Damien, David Allen, David Grant, Gareth Burton, Hill Carson, Ivan Alderman, J. Market, Jim Cassidy, Larry Ward, Mackenzie Poe, Marcus Giovanni, Marteen, Michael Hardwick, Peter de Rome, Pipi Chess, Robert Rikas, Robin Elphick, Tim Kent, Tom White, Tom Yourk, Tony Williams, Zeff Ryan
Categories: 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, BDSM, Black, Blowjobs, Campy, Fetish, Horror, J/O, Latino, Leather, Love, Orgy, Sex, Story, Young Men

Club Mandom 1: Blue Collar Cheese Factory

77:04 of video
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Glory hole hog Tom Caserta produced, directed, edited, and stars in Club Mandom 1, an intense anonymous blowjob video that focuses on uncut cocks. Club Mandom is subtitled "Blue Collar Cheese Factory" because Caserta doesn't merely suck dicks with foreskin - he relishes and savors the cheesy schlongs of working men. This ain't no pristine suck flick; everything that comes along with the extra flop of skin that covers a penis head is highlighted here and it's explicit. Each and every one of the scenes features lots and lots of smegma - gooey, creamy flecks of cock junk that cling to each penis like wet popcorn. Caserta ceremonially sniffs, licks, and eats the cheese before swallowing bone, which is no mean feat considering how large each of these men are! The anonymity of a dirty back room is sustained throughout the video, as we never see any of the faces of Caserta's men; we are only given swatches of dirty denim, a bit of flannel, or a cropped view of leather through the glory hole. The little we see indicates that these are some rough, hard working guys. Some must do seriously physical work because the amount of smegma on their cocks is astounding. If this tape sounds a little severe for you, there's always Club Mandom 2, an oral celebration of funk-free, circumcised packages. Manshots in April of 1991 claims: "Smegma fetishists won't be disappointed -- the uncut version is a veritable smorgasbord of cockcheese."

Featuring: Tom Caserta
Categories: 1990s, Blowjobs, Fetish, Masculine