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Tall Tales

18 photos, 78:10 of video
Added 02/05/2020 Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0
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A man rings up his friend to tell steamy tall tales of his sexual encounters and we see fantasy reenactments in which he transforms into his horny alter-ego, hairy Morgan Hunter, in this fun, sexy video directed by Joe Tiffenbach. Comedic segments of the two friends bickering over the phone (Kenneth Weyerhaeuser and Remington Eddy in non-sexual roles) segue into sex scenes with five recent home visitors, featuring a mix of types: cute young blonds, muscle guys, and masculine mustachioed men: Matt Forrest, Dane Ford, Gino Del Mar, Cory Monroe, and Chaz Holderman. Sex scenes feature some very erotic, passionate moments, with fucking, sixty-nining, and a lot of enthusiastic kissing and cocksucking. Also features a brief non-sexual cameo from porn star Chad Johnson!

Featuring: Chad Johnson, Chaz Holderman, Cory Monroe (Rob Monroe), Gino Del Mar, Kenneth Weyerhaeuser, Matt Forrest (aka Matt Forest aka Matt Romero aka Matt Jones), Morgan Hunter (aka Morgan Hunt), Remington Eddy
Categories: 1980s, 69, Blowjobs, Latino, Masculine, Sex, Young Men


10 photos, 81:03 of video
Added 02/15/2016 Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0
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Hairy-chested Chad Johnson likes getting his cock sucked, especially when he's watching himself get sucked in the mirror by Dane Ford, a great cocksucker! When Dane tires of sucking Chad's big, strong, veiny cock, he sits on it. Turning Dane over, Chad drives into him mercilessly. In the next scene, two lean, nicely muscled hippie types play with each other's long, springy cock and are joined by a third for a suck-line. All of the action is captured on videotape in wet glistening close-ups. Delicious offers two additional fuck-and-suck encounters featuring hot young guys. This gay porn film has no story, no frills, just incessant sex.

Featuring: Chad Johnson, J.D., Jesse Serma, Rod Garetto, Steven Dennis (Steven Trueblood), Terry Carson
Categories: 1980s, Big Dick, Blowjobs, Masculine, Sex, Young Men

Hot Splash

26 photos, 59:54 of video
Added 06/08/2015 Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0
  Avg Rating: 5.0

Tanned, young, fit, horny bodies. In this vintage Toby Ross video, the cool splashes of a laid-back pool party under the hot Southern California sun soon turn into "hot splashes." Loaded with action and guys who just can't help but splash their own fresh, hot, tantalizing loads! Highlights include ass-eating in the hammock, sucking on a rubber raft, fucking on the lawn, and finally, the barbecue chef takes off his apron and joins in. Watch for David Ashfield taking pictures of himself getting a blow job and fucking a guy. As with most Toby Ross films, the guys are young: firm, trim, and hairless, with several blonds.

Featuring: Birdie, Brandon Wilde, Chris Allen, David Ashfield, Jesse Koehler, Tracy Egan
Categories: 1980s, Blowjobs, J/O, Orgy, Sex, Young Men

Getting It

20 photos, 90:59 of video
Added 09/29/2014 Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0
  Avg Rating: 5.0

It’s 1985 and everyone is Getting It - especially all the hot studs in this exceptional classic by director Philip St. John! All that blond hottie Randy (Jim Bentley) really wants to do is get that big cock of his straight buddy, Curt (Shawn Michaels), as they attend a house party full of a bunch of horny California boys, encountering duo, threeway, and group sexual action. Masterfully made and cinematically entertaining, this scorchingly hot porn film features a spectacular, large cast of hunky ‘80s superstars! The varied action includes threeways, huge group sex scenes, light kink, fantasy sequences, straight guys, toys, rope bondage, voyeurism, and outdoor sex. “This 87-minute, sex-gorged, all-star X-rater is, without a doubt, a wall-to-wall, non-stop sextravaganza, shot during a wild all-nite orgy in the Hollywood Hills ...” - Inches Magazine

Featuring: Biff Warner, Jeff Nichols, Alex Wayne, Bart Abrams, Brandon Wilde, Brett Harris, Chris Allen, Chris Burns, Chris Thompson, Cody Jameson, David Ashfield, Dirk Cannon, Doug Gentry, Erick Stevens, Jesse Koehler, Jim Bentley, Joe Craig, John Hart, John Tracy, Jon King, Len Harding, Mark Webber, Matt Ramsey (Peter North), Michael Dey, Peter Matthews, Procter Davis, Rick Donovan, Shawn Michaels, Sherri Ann Lyons, Tiege Thomas, Tony Garret, Vincent Thomas
Categories: 1980s, Blowjobs, Fetish, J/O, Leather, Orgy, Sex, Story

Bulging Jockstraps

2 photos, 83:27 of video
Added 01/31/2014 Average Rating: 3.5Average Rating: 3.5Average Rating: 3.5Average Rating: 3.5Average Rating: 3.5
  Avg Rating: 3.5

That uniquely male garment, the jockstrap, is the subject of this unusual narrated video that is part documentary, part jack-off exhibition, and part flat-out, ball-busting sex! The history of athletic supporters is covered with vintage advertisements and images of models in obsolete "suspensory bandages." Then it's a virtual kaleidoscope of hung hotties in every kind of jockstrap. Some masturbate, others suck and fuck, a few perform amazing feats like twisting their cocks and balls with the jockstrap so that they appear as engorged pretzels. Sexy voiceover accompanies many of the scenes.

Featuring: Bob May, Bobbie Davis, Jeff Turk, Jimmie Blue, John Strom, Mark Baer, Martin Thomas, Peter King, Scott Foster
Categories: 1980s, Blowjobs, Fetish, J/O, Masculine, Sex


5 photos, 90:01 of video
Added 11/19/2013 Average Rating: 3.0Average Rating: 3.0Average Rating: 3.0Average Rating: 3.0Average Rating: 3.0
  Avg Rating: 3.0

Rex Morgan, the title character who lives up to his reputation, and Marc Bennett are reunited college roommates. Hollywood's newest resident, "naive" Rex is going to have to get used to things and some of the "weirdos" that Marc says are all around them. When a baby-faced delivery man accidentally knocks on "hunk's" door (instead of the door that the flowers are meant for) he says to Rex, "But they really should be for you." The delivery person goes over to the correct door and gets his big curved, uncut cock thoroughly sucked by his customer, a studly brunet played by Cliff Ryder.

Featuring: Chris Allen, Chris Thompson, Cliff Ryder, Cody Rogers, Daniel Holt, David Ashfield, Guy Tait, Jeff Hunter, Jesse Koehler, Jimmy Jagger, Kent Douglas, Kevin Bradley, Leigh Erickson (aka Bill Thompson, Marc Bennett), Melchor, Rex Morgan (aka Buck Hayes), Tony Kennedy , Tracy Cole, Vincent Thomas, Wes Vanway
Categories: 1980s, 69, Blowjobs, Masculine, Sex

Full House

2 photos, 90:07 of video
Added 10/12/2013 Average Rating: 4.5Average Rating: 4.5Average Rating: 4.5Average Rating: 4.5Average Rating: 4.5
  Avg Rating: 4.5

Horny house guests make themselves at home in this frat house that makes Animal House look tame! Residents like hairy, muscular Chad Johnson and Matt Jones do a little more than just "working out" on the back porch in this vintage gay sex movie. Very tender action, with good wet cum shots with lots of moans and groans. Living with roommates was never this hot and sweaty before.

Featuring: Calvin Worth, Chad Johnson, Chaz Holderman, James Allen, John Stratton, Matt Forrest (aka Matt Forest aka Matt Romero aka Matt Jones), Matt Hawks, Peter King, Peter King
Categories: 1980s, Masculine, Young Men