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Hairy-chested Chad Johnson likes getting his cock sucked, especially when he's watching himself get sucked in the mirror by Dane Ford, a great cocksucker! When Dane tires of sucking Chad's big, strong, veiny cock, he sits on it. Turning Dane over, Chad drives into him mercilessly. In the next scene, two lean, nicely muscled hippie types play with each other's long, springy cock and are joined by a third for a suck-line. All of the action is captured on videotape in wet glistening close-ups. Delicious offers two additional fuck-and-suck encounters featuring hot young guys. This gay porn film has no story, no frills, just incessant sex.

Featuring: Chad Johnson, Dane Ford, J.D., Jesse Serma, Rod Garetto, Steven Dennis (Steven Trueblood), Terry Carson

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