Erotikus directed by Tom DeSimone (Lancer Brooks)

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Fred Halsted, dick in hand, narrates this survey of gay pornography, starting with the Apollo physique magazines which eventually evolved into 8mm loop films. Discussions and footage include: Posing star Ed Fury in perhaps the very first gay movie, the first nude model, the first cum shot, a barrage of fuck and suck scenes, Pat Rocco's films, the first feature-length gay film (The Collection), and Halsted's and Tom DeSimone's films. This is a collectible and superior description of how adult gay film not only came into being, but evolved from magazines, to feature film, to pure sex.

1974 | 90 min. | A Hand in Hand production

Featuring: Fred Halsted, Darryl Hughes (Damon Rosi), Olin, Monty Hanson, Casey Donovan, D.C. Michaels, Ed Fury, Pasqual (Poco Allen), Sky Kinky, Larry Danser, Ruffin Tumble
Categories: Masculine, Sex, 1970s, Documentary, Long Hair, Native American

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