Dangerous directed by Al Parker, Steve Scott

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This pre-condom film has a simple but exciting premise: what if you were living with a tea-rooming danger freak? Jim Rogers finds out in this naughty little foray into the world of anonymous blowjobs. His boyfriend, the hairy, bearded Michael Braun, is arrested for sucking cock in a public bathroom. This is not the first time Rogers has had to go to the police station in the middle of the night and he's a little miffed. After he bails Braun out he goes on a quest to discover the joys of dangerous encounters for himself. This is a slightly skanky, well-made film that will appeal not only to lovers of glory hole sex but also anyone who likes a change of pace from the usual. "This is the only film which attempts to explore the psychology of anonymous danger sex, without sacrificing any erotic heat. Not only is the glory hole used as a symbol of unfettered sexual pleasure here, it eventually becomes a magnet for the uninitiated, and finally, a unifying force. Scott has managed to pull this off in a cogent, psychologically accurate manner. The ingenious ending is both romantic and sleazy, both a surprise and inevitable. Dangerous is shrewd, believable, and primal. Its characters are so real and the sexual images so vivid that it remains a film to watch again and again, certainly a must for the permanent collection." - Manshots.

1983 | 88 min. | A Steve Scott production

Featuring: Chris Burns, Jim Rogers, Rick Faulkner, Steve Taylor, Michael Braun, Jeff Stevens, Mike McDonald
Categories: Fetish, Love, Masculine, Sex, Story, 1980s, Young Men

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