Boys Behind Bars directed by Dana Bryan

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The group of men in this Latino Fan Club movie are dealing with the complications of being locked up. The story has a dose of realism and gravity to it, along with friendships and playfulness between some of the men in prison, as it tracks the sexual scenarios that unfold in this setting. Several of the men share camaraderie and sexual intimacy with their fellow inmates in the showers (while observed by a voyeur) or during a four-man orgy in a cell, while others are given nude examinations by the shifty prison doctor, and another prisoner and guard have sex while handcuffed together. With just enough plot to keep things interesting, chemistry and charm among many of the performers (who arm wrestle, rap together, and horse around), and some large cocks among the attractive cast members, this is a compelling, gritty installment.

1988 | 60 min. | A Latino Fan Club production

Featuring: Don Ferrara, Buckie Certleman, Miguel Medina, Peter Wright, Ben Franco, Tito Torres, Mitch Morales, Aaron Acosta, Jaye Perez, Chris Brian, Nelson Ortiz, Ray Mondo, Price, Ricky Diaz, Marco Piña, Johnny Cortez, Wilson, Ray, Angel Alvarez, Richie Santos, José Ortega, Ramon Flores, Luis Lopez, Pedro Ponte, Garcia, Ruiz, Michael Morales, Kevin Colon
Categories: Latino, J/O, Masculine, Sex, Story, 1980s, Young Men, Blowjobs, Orgy, 69, Big Dick

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