Manhunt directed by Uncredited

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It's all in a day's work. Two lovers have a spat. One leaves and experiences a sexual day to remember. He walks past a public phone that is ringing and has sex with the anonymous caller. But that's just the beginning of his day's sex: he will hook up with a cop (who really knows how to utilize handcuffs) and a psychiatrist, as well as friends, eventually winding up back at home with his lover. With a foursome, jockstraps, kinky and raunchy sex, humor, and lots of uninhibited rimming and coupling, this film features good close-ups of hot, butch New York men, including big-dicked, mustached star Myles Longue (aka Ed Wiley), who also starred in Rough Trades.

1980 | 72 min. | A Bijou production

Featuring: Ray Frank, Ed Wiley (aka Myles Longue), Pepe Brazil, David King, Victor Houston , Paul Lucas, Dick Darby, David Andreasen, Jay Buttons, Paul Koustos, Fred Man
Categories: Love, Masculine, Sex, 1970s, 1980s, Blowjobs, Orgy

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