Strange Sex, Volume 1 directed by Matt Sterling, Jack Deveau, Peter DeRome, Robert Prion, Roger Earl, Steve Scott, Michael Zen, Arch Brown, Jim West, Brian Brennan, Dave Nesor, Warren Stephens, Brad Kingston, Jason Bleu, Severin, Jack Majors, Michael Goodwin, Fred Halsted

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This collection of scenes from vintage gay porn films made between 1970 and 1994 has nothing to do with normal sex! Giant men, dental, balloon, and plant fetishes, living blow-up dolls, birth from an asshole, a smoking butt, a dildo that goes through a whole body, strange object insertions, and much more are included in this Bijou Video original compilation! Includes scenes from Wanted: Billy the Kidd, A Dream of Body, Mansize, Turned On!, Attack of the Amazing Colossal Latino, Gayracula, Falconhead, Sextool, Self-Service, The Goodjac Chronicles, The Night Before, 10:30 P.M. Monday, Terrible Trilogy, Rough Trades, Just Blonds, The Erotic Films of Peter de Rome, and other clips.

1994 | 125 min. | A Bijou production

Featuring: Al Parker, Chris Burns, Lee Marlin, Tim Kramer, Michael Christopher, Michael Cummings, Coke Hennessy, Jamal Jones, Nick Kastroff, Alexis Knight, Vince Perelli, Chaz Holderman, Leather Rick, Dennis Walsh (Brian Haines), Hugh Allen, David Gorsky, Steve Dory, Erich Lange, Sky Dawson, Uncredited, Luke (from Falcon), Ken Carter, Bob Weaver, Dr. Bob, Brick Samson, Lyonis, Donut, Yogi Rama, Dak, Luke, Jeff Sather, Antonio Caballo, Syco Eddie, Vic Mann, Kent Sage, Michael Kade, Eddie, Larry Marsland, Ricky Starr, David McNeil, Ray Medina, Josh Luciano, Derek Turner
Categories: Black, Fetish, Leather, Latino, J/O, Masculine, Sex, Story, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, Young Men, Blowjobs, BDSM, Orgy, 69, Handjobs, Campy

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