Spanish Harlem Knights 1 directed by Brian Brennan

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The 1st of 3 editions about New York Latino men. The central story focuses on Julio Nieves, an unemployed drifter who learns that his body is a marketable commodity. Rico Suave stars as a steady friend. Action includes: Macho and Valentino performing for voyeur Tony Fontana, sexy Julio and hairy-assed Jason Robles sucking cock in the shower, and Rico and Jorge Fuentes doing it in a crack house. Heavy-set M. Vic Mann photographs hung and street-wise Diablito and makes a video of him showing and jacking off. Freddy Mac poses for Vic, who convinces the stud to let him suck his cock and proceeds to swallow one of the thickest cocks in the porn business! An artist draws Julio nude and, horny Julio beats off and blows his wad onto the drawing, ruining it with his wet stream. Cute Tato watches Freddy lift weights in the gym and also convinces him to let him suck him off on the spot. Guys playfully box and wrestle and swap blowjobs. Some self-sucking is featured. Oral emphasis is predominant on long, fat Puerto Rican cock in this film. Much of the dialogue is ad-libbed, making the flick feel natural and real. Called Brennan's "greatest success so far, mixing social conscience with exquisitely horny erotica," by Manshots. Lots of underwear play, big uncut cocks, and a focus on early '90s New York City.

1991 | 117 min. | A Latino Fan Club production

Featuring: Julio Nieves, Brian Brennan, Rico Suave, Jason Robles, M. Vic Mann, Tony Fontana, Jorge Fuentes, Freddie Mac (Freddy Mac), Tato, Diablito
Categories: Latino, J/O, Masculine, Sex, Story, 1990s, Blowjobs, 69, Long Hair, Big Dick

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