The Goodjac Chronicles directed by Michael Goodwin

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This inventive and unusual vintage gay sex video from director Michael Goodwin gives a new spin to its focus on masturbation and handjobs. Release your imagination and enjoy yourself as you watch fantasies come to life in these six video portraits. ADAM BEFORE features Juan and his pet Juanito discovering the entertainment available to Adam when man was first created. In KENT SAGE'S ULTRA BLUE MOVIE, a masked man gives new meaning to the term 'blue movie.' IN THE HANDS OF AN ARTIST shows Billy Budd sharing with the audience his growth as an artist. In RITE, witness the mysterious rites involved in joining a fraternity of men as Damien and the brotherhood explore the dynamics of male bonding. SWITCH shows Jacob and Dick Cocram exploring the question of how your buddy feels when he's enjoying himself in a unique way. LIKE LOURDES THEY CAME FROM ALL OVER shows the results of gathering forty-eight of your buddies together with five video cameras and three photographers.

1986 | 58 min. | A Michael Goodwin production

Featuring: Kent Sage, Damien, Juan, Cutter Sharp, Billy Budd, Jacob, Dick Cockram, Martin Turk, Darrell Greatwrist, Redd Ryder, Peter Pecker, Boston, Copp Webber, Phillip Armstrong, Johnson Swar, Peter Spurtz, Michael Goodwin
Categories: Leather, J/O, Masculine, 1980s, Orgy, Handjobs, Campy

The Goodjac Chronicles: Scene Images