Al Parker's Flashback directed by Al Parker, Steve Scott

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This classic from Al Parker and Surge Studio begins with a solo session by Al himself! A photographer, Kurt Mannheim, shoots Parker twisting his nuts until blowing his load and walks over to lap up his spew. Parker is turned on again at this and rims, blows and fucks the guy. Kip Noll gets a mouth job by Chris Noll and fucks the slender young man's ass as the camera offers good closeups, finally blowing a huge load all over him. Back at the photo shoot, Scott Taylor performs a solo session, licking on his own big dick on a stool until he fills his mouth with cum. Later, Parker humps Steve Taylor by stuffing his bulbous balls into his ass. Kip and Al meet at the beach and the ending segments have the two scanning over layouts for the magazine. They beat off, side by side, and watch Chris Noll again as well as David Wilcox in an excellent solo that ends in a volcanic orgasm that is hands down the best cumshot in the film!

1981 | 68 min. | A Surge production

Featuring: Al Parker, Steve Taylor, Scott Taylor, David Wilcox, Kip Noll, Kurt Mannheim, Chris Noll
Categories: J/O, Masculine, Sex, 1980s, Young Men, Blowjobs

Al Parker's Flashback: Scene Images