Once In A Blue Moon directed by Toby Ross

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This outstanding hardcore “short story” collection by Toby Ross is a refreshingly different vintage gay sex video! Always provocative, Ross constructs a video with groundbreaking dialogue and intrigue, historical significance, spontaneity, and a well-mixed offering of good acting, steamy sex, and political satire. It's porno with a message. In “Soldier of Fortune,” a U.S. Spy plane has been shot down and its pilot, Lt. Jerry Flowers (Luke Bender, aka Steve Kennedy), has been captured by Russian interrogators. He's spanked with a riding crop, but doesn't give in. Interrogator Chris Harts wants information from the unyielding Flowers, but the sexy Slav ends up yielding his ass to the American lieutenant instead. “Better Sooner Than Later” stars Marcus Braun as a soon-to-be-departing executive headed for a new assignment and Johnny Rahm as the coworker he's leaving behind. Their intimate, realistic and passionate dialogue reveals that not only are both gay, but that they have longed for one another for some time. They lovingly share cocksucking and fucking, switching off throughout the segment. “Jerome Goes to Hell” features a newscaster saying that municipal supervisor Jerome (Zeff Ryan) has suffered a stroke and he is not expected to survive. We find Jerome standing before a nude angel and God, who tells Jerome he was so “nasty and awful” that he's going to Hell for his sins. Jerome is introduced to several of the men he has wronged, sucks dick, has his dick sucked, and is fucked in a wild group sex scene. Intense and strange vocalizations, orgiastic positions, and an overall atmosphere of hellishness combine in this imaginative segment that's important for its political and social messages, as well as for its fantastical sex appeal. In the final vignette, “Once in a Blue Moon,” Dean Pike plays an inmate in jail who has corresponded with pen-pal Jim Montana on the outside for three years. On the eve of his release, they meet and drive off in Jim's car. The car breaks down and the two men have sex in it. Overall, the video's realism and the order of the vignettes create a coherent whole, even though the segments have different storylines. Advocate Men called this movie “a thinker's sex film.”

1991 | A Bijou production

Featuring: Luke Bender, Chris Harts, Johnny Rahm, Marcus Braun, Zeff Ryan, J. Market, Pipi Chess, Bill Jones, Jason Tamm, Marteen, David Grant, Jim Montana, Dean Pike, Lynn Francis
Categories: Black, Love, Latino, Masculine, Sex, Story, 1990s, Blowjobs, Campy

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