His Little Brother directed by Robert Walters

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Also known as My Guy. Four vignettes from Nova Studios. The title segment, probably the best and most erotic in the collection, features brothers Les and Terry Harmon. The older brother (Les) is busy jacking-off his cock and spied on, unbeknownst to him, by the younger one (Terry). Later, the roles get reversed and Les spies Terry shooting a huge load all the way up to his face; horny Les intrigues Terry into sex and the two share masturbation, cocksucking, ass-mouthing and a butt-romping.

1982 | 59 min. | A Nova production

Featuring: Lee Marlin, Jim Battaglia (aka Rex Wolfe), Greg Dale (aka Dale Arnold), Les Harmon (Bobby Kropp), Daryl Paige, Terry Harmon, Chris Dean, George Conover
Categories: Masculine, 1980s, Blowjobs

His Little Brother: Scene Images