Bullet Videopac 2

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A collection of vintage gay porn shorts from Bullet. Satisfaction presents Bull Dozier on his own taking a dip in a hot tub, jacking off his cock, and shooting a load into his own hand. In The Basement, Tony Russo and Peter Bronsky jack off in tandem, Pete blows a load in his hand, and Tony sniffs and licks Pete's discarded jockstrap. In Pool Party, Chuck Samson and Don Scott trade head and fuck by the pool. "In and Out features super-hunk Bruno and Rod Mitchell working out together and fucking.

1983 | 58 min. | A Bullet (Target) production

Featuring: Bruno, Bull Dozier, Rod Mitchell, Chuck Samson, Pete Bronsky, Don Scott, Tony Russo
Categories: J/O, Masculine, Sex, 1980s, Blowjobs

Bullet Videopac 2: Scene Images