Born to Raise Hell directed by Roger Earl

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Born to Raise Hell is the standard that all gay SM films are judged by around the world. The SM is authentic: whipping, pissing, beating, shaving, fisting, dildos, clothes pins, bondage, groveling, verbal abuse, defiled asses. The men are very masculine, very real. Sidney Charles of Drummer magazine wrote, "What can you say about a movie that's so hot it needs to be handled with asbestos gloves... The movie to see with someone you love to beat, or be beaten by." Legendary filmmaker Fred Halsted said, "The best SM film I've ever seen".

1974 | 80 min. | A Marathon production

Featuring: Val Martin, Quave Dalton, Steve Richards, John Detour, Eric Lansing, Tiger John, David Andrews
Categories: Leather, Masculine, Sex, 1970s, Blowjobs, BDSM

Born to Raise Hell: Scene Images