Thunderheads directed by Dick Martin

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Hitchhikers, public bathrooms, basements, and barns. Young, good-looking men having great sex. What more can you ask for? "There is minimal narrative content in this view of a footloose hitchhiker (Jeff Colt) who makes his way from one sexual adventure to another. The explicit action is mostly first-rate. Sammy Bond possessed an inviting screen presence, and one senses that at the time of this fling, he was discovering his own sex pig identity, for one can almost see him dropping his inhibitions along with his jeans." -- Manshots, October 1996

1972 | 62 min. | A Jaguar production

Featuring: Jeff Colt, Sammy Bond, Joey Vox, Rick Nutter, Doug Allen, Mick Duncan
Categories: Fetish, Leather, Sex, Western, 1970s, Young Men

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