The Light from the Second Story Window directed by David Allen

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Based on his sleazy autobiography of the same name, this David Allen film tells the story of a naive young man (played by Allen) who goes to Hollywood in search of fame and fortune, but winds up working as a two-bit hustler. Ambitious, dramatically rich, and epic in scope, this film represents an earnest attempt to explore and exhibit human sexuality within a narrative structure, paving the way for filmmakers who believed explicit film and narrative could be melded. It also delivers vintage sex at its finest, including an awesome cumshot right in young David Allen's mouth!

1973 | 117 min. | A Jaguar production

Featuring: Ray Todd, Jim Cassidy, David Allen, Joey Daniels, Richard Lavette, Winston Kramer, Eva Faye, Brad Preston, Richard Lindstrom, Vicki Mills, William Laskey, Felisha Fahr, Ron Erario, Jay Dexter, Kelle, Bob Weaver, Greg Phillips, Tiger, Dick Smith, Kirt Coord, John Mihu, Rick Dennis, J. Rich, Steve Fisher, Steve Fox, Rob Roberts
Categories: Black, Fetish, Love, Leather, Masculine, Sex, Story, 1970s, Young Men, Transgender, Campy, Drag, Long Hair

The Light from the Second Story Window: Scene Images