Old Reliable 32: Hairy Guys directed by Dave Hurles

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Old Reliable's celebration of hairy men is a real treat; it also provides an opportunity to ruminate on the sexual power of hair. These hirsute hunks include Tom, a thug with a mustache, goatee, and hairy stomach who chomps on a cigar and flexes his matching-tattoos-of-Jesus biceps. Next, muscular, well-hung Butch and two other men jerk off in while watching a porno. Then there's pretty Mark, covered in chestnut fur; the angelic Stavros, with thick black curls around his cock; Patrick, with an impish smile and huge boner; and Keith, a bearded beauty.

1987 | 117 min. | A Old Reliable production

Featuring: Butch, Keith, Mark, Patrick, Steve, Tom
Categories: Fetish, J/O, Masculine, 1980s

Old Reliable 32: Hairy Guys: Scene Images