Pier Groups

Categories: 1970s, 69, Big Dick, Blowjobs, Love, Masculine, Orgy, Sex

This excellent, historically important Arch Brown classic focuses on sex at LGBTQ landmark the NYC piers, which served as a popular gay cruising locale and queer congregating space until their demolition. This film predicts the fate of the piers in its premise: an engineer (Johnny Kovacs) is sent to inspect them for a demolition company. His neighbor, well-endowed Keith Anthoni (of Catching Up), is also headed to the piers, though for a day of freewheeling sexual adventures. As Kovacs attempts to do his job, he continuously observes the plentiful hookups of Anthoni and countless other clones (with a heavy focus on oral). Encounters get increasingly raunchy, leading up to a climactic fourway with Anthoni in handcuffs! Beautiful photography of the now-gone piers makes up the majority of this outstanding classic, capturing and immortalizing a particular time and place in gay culture. A hot and horny cast and exciting soundtrack (featuring original music by Arch Brown, who also scored Brown's The Night Before) cap off this true gem of a film, here presented with better image quality and color than in previously available editions!

Featuring: Alan Miles, David Starbuck, Johnny Kovacs, Jozef Tempesta, Keith Anthoni, Michael Pen, Rose Tattu, Ryder, Sven Jensen, Tony Stalione, Victor Houston

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