Deep Chocolate

Categories: 1980s, Black, Blowjobs, J/O, Masculine, Orgy, Sex, Young Men

An atmospheric assemblage of solo, paired, and group scenes starring an attractive and primarily Black cast, including some of the major Black stars of the '80s (prominently, superstar Randy Cochran in multiple scenes, along with beefcake Dennis Johnson), as well as the introduction of musclebound LaRon Stanley. Eight unrelated short subjects are presented here, including the initial dreamy J/O-turned-duo-turned-fourway sequence, Randy Cochran (in one of his earliest roles) and his buddies amiably chatting and getting into a threesome, a daddy-ish couple vigorously sucking and fucking in the desert (also in the movie Outpost), a sex scene with an uncut white man that includes a lot of play with his unique foreskin and ball piercings, a sweet outdoor romp, an extended J/O sequence (the movie's weakest moment, this scene being accompanied by fetishistic voice-over), and a concluding five-man orgy on a patio. Image quality varies throughout, with some scenes better photographed and preserved than others, but the video features intriguing stylistic touches, a good synth score, and plenty of variety of sexplay in its non-stop action among a large, hot cast with some major players of the era!

Featuring: Al Ford, Bobby Davis, Chad James, Dennis Johnson, LaRon Stanley, Others (Uncredited), Randy Cochran, Ty Jones

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