The Best of Chilli Pepper

Categories: 1980s, Documentary, Drag, Historical, Transgender

The first-ever Miss Continental pageant winner (1980), popular trans performer Chilli Pepper is captured in documentation from 1980 to 1990 as she performs at the Miss Continental Pageants of each year, which take place at Chicago's Baton Show Lounge. Lip-synching a total of 13 songs, Chili performs, poses, dances, and struts the stuff that has made her famous today. From a saucy redhead to blue-haired bimbette, Chilli gyrates to a vast array of material, including funk, torch songs, country, and disco. Her diverse collection of sassy wigs and bold clothing, along with excellent portrayals of iconic figures, have made her one of the foremost entertainers in the world of drag pageants. Historically significant. A vintage video presented by the Male Entertainment Network (MEN), who documented LGBTQ history and 1980s LGBTQ life in a unique fashion.

Featuring: Chilli Pepper

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