Mr. Chicago Leather Contest 1988

Categories: BDSM, Documentary, Fetish, Leather

Nine men compete in the 1988 Chicago leather contest (that year called MR/MR, a precursor to Mr. Chicago Leather), presented by Male Hide Leather and Touché. Taking place at Touché (still around, as Chicago's oldest leather bar), this competition features displays of leather gear and speeches by the contestants, entertainingly guided along by host Chicago Molly (with assistance from Buttons the Clown). Intermission show features fire breathing and magic acts. Judges evaluate the contestants on Macho Look, Leather Image, Swimwear, and Personality, and present the winner and 1st and 2nd runners up with prizes. This full documentation of the event was provided by Touché and is a fun piece of historic or nostalgic material for those interested in leather contests of the past.

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