Young Gladiators

Categories: 1980s, J/O, Young Men

An attractively-made, narrated, all-male masturbation tape from director John Summers! This video showcases six breathtakingly sexy models captured in lingering, voyeuristic photography as they pose, work out, wash cars, jack off, and more. Most scenes are accompanied by an unseen narrator rhapsodizing about each young man's physical beauty while watching him do his thing on sparsely-staged, well-lit sets, accompanied by classical music. The exception is the segment starring Matt Ramsey (in a rare gay tape; he is also known as straight porn megastar Peter North), which features him in a phone booth engaging in kinky dirty talk while he strokes himself off to climax. Production values are strong throughout, and the video feels naughty in its voyeurism while also tastefully glossy. This beautifully preserved copy maintains the integrity of the video's crisp, clear, sensuous photography, making it even more easy on the eyes.

Featuring: Brian Summers, Jimmy Lee, Matt Ramsey (Peter North), Michael Britten, Steve Hammond, Tim Lowe

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