Fill 'Er Up

Categories: 1980s, BDSM, Fetish, Leather, Masculine

A very kinky vintage gay leather video for the enema fetishist released by Slave and Master Productions and directed by Jason Bleu (maker of the Chris Burns fetish tape, Black on Red). In the first scene, a Daddy type gives a mustached bottom an enema on top of a motorcycle, then the ass spurts out water. A busy scene in a playroom/bedroom follows: the amount of toys and gear is frightening! The Daddy top puts administers an enema while the bottom jerks off ecstatically. The top then rips off the bottom's underwear and subjects him to a harsh paddling. The bottom can't get enough of this and the double enema that follows, which he receives legs spread, feet in the air. Next, a wiry, mustached bottom is worked over by two tops, both wearing sunglasses. The skinny bottom is pushed on to a table, and the tops shave his ass in preparation for a soapy enema. In a riveting twist, the bottom and one of the tops push the other top down on the table, shove the tubes in him, fill him up, and the standing top paddles both him and the bottom, who are connected to one tube. He inserts a flogger into the bottom's ass and a dildo in the other top's ass. Both jack off while being fisted with globs of lube. The top with the cap shoots a projectile load of cum and the skinny bottom jerks off on a toilet, tube in his ass.

Featuring: Big John, Brick Samson, Chris Burns, Jason Bleu, Little Fox

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