Sylvester Celebrates

Categories: 1980s, Black, Documentary, Drag, Historical, Transgender

This documentation captures Sylvester, the singer who gained notoriety in the 1970s on the gay disco circuit, celebrating his fortieth birthday by singing romantic torch songs in a nightclub while dressed in a variety of costumes - from glitter and sequins to butch - saying, "six hundred dollars worth of sequins, six hundred dollars worth of leather, it's all drag." Among the songs covered are Billie Holiday's "Lover Man (Where Can You Be?)" and tunes like Lena Horne's "Stormy Weather." Not an extremely clear picture, but the singing is wonderful, deep and full. Torchy! "For those of you who can't remember the '70s (or weren't born yet), Sylvester was a major diva with a legendary singing voice. His disco hits, including 'Mighty Real,' were anthems for a generation of dancing queens. Sylvester first gained fame as part of the San Francisco radical drag performance group 'The Cockettes' but he quickly began a very commercial solo career spinning out several major hits. He was out, loud, proud, flamboyant and above all else fiercely talented. This superb performance film was shot in a club in 1985 as the diva celebrated his 40th birthday. Singing torch songs and dressed to the nines in full drag and sequins, Sylvester's talent reins supreme in this amazing relic of a time past. He sings Cole Porter's 'Night and Day,' a New Orleans version of 'Cabaret' and a stunning rendition of Billy Holiday's classic 'Lover Man.'" - Scott Cranin. Presented by the Male Entertainment Network, an '80s media company that produced 40 videos documenting LGBTQ history in a unique fashion - capturing, in words and images, gay life in the '80s.

Featuring: Sylvester

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