Le Beau Mec

Categories: 1970s, Blowjobs, J/O, Love, Masculine, Military, Sex, Story, Young Men

Captivating, muscular Karl Forest is the focus of this artfully made and breathtakingly erotic late '70s classic French porn film by director Wallace Potts. Giving the film a documentary-like feeling, Forest – on and off camera – narrates his experiences as a hustler and nightclub performer living in Paris (with spoken English translations). As we hear about his life, background, and philosophy, we observe Forest going about his daily routines, working out, performing his cabaret acts, and participating in stylized sexual vignettes. Atmospheric, beautifully shot, and blisteringly hot, this moody portrait of lonely masculinity is potent and masterfully executed.

Featuring: Carmelo Petix, Cedric Dumont, Franc Chazal, Karl Forest, Philippe Renaud, Rene

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