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Magnum Griffin 6

8 photos, 57:40 of video
Added 05/09/2017 Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0
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Number six in the Magnum Griffin series focuses on group scenes, sometimes involving bondage, but always involving cock worship. Meaty cocks are sucked, pulled, and stuffed into eager man-pussies. Appetizing loads are shot enthusiastically after much sucking and ball worship. There is a good mix between young, muscular blonds and brunettes and some hairier, older-looking models. In one segment, an older man is tied to a cross while sitting in a riding saddle and is licked and sucked all over by four men. Another scene involves two young, muscular types with a leatherman in a cycle jacket, chaps, and mirrored shades. He wields an impressively thick rod and cue ball-sized balls that are sucked and licked.

Featuring: Chris Burns, Cole Taylor, Eric Ryan, Jim Bentley, Rydar Hanson, Shadow Joyce, Steve York
Categories: 1980s, 1990s, Blowjobs, Fetish, Leather, Masculine, Orgy, Sex

Dangerous Sex in Public Places 1

31 photos, 111:31 of video
Added 08/10/2016 Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0Average Rating: 5.0
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This Bijou Video original compilation focuses on sex in public places where those involved could easily be caught: a bridge, a mine, a boiler room, a car wash, scaffolding on a skyscraper, an alley, a hospital, in cars driving down the highway, and a handjob at a restaurant under the table! Featured scenes are from Baby It's You, Strange Places Strange Things, Rough Cut, One in a Billion, Games, Therapy, Screenplay, A Night at the Adonis, and Century Mining.

Featuring: Adam Mitchell, Alex Lago, Ben Barker, Brian Nichols, Dave Connors, David Hughes, Derrick Stanton, Eric Ryan, Jack Wrangler, Jason Hill, Jayson MacBride, Ken Holtz, Lee Ryder, Nick Rodgers, Pat Allen, Patrick Murphy, Pierce Daniels, Rich Parsons (aka Paul Howell, aka Arturo Bardewyck)
Categories: 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 69, Blowjobs, Handjobs, J/O, Masculine, Sex, Young Men


5 photos, 90:01 of video
Added 11/19/2013 Average Rating: 3.0Average Rating: 3.0Average Rating: 3.0Average Rating: 3.0Average Rating: 3.0
  Avg Rating: 3.0

Rex Morgan, the title character who lives up to his reputation, and Marc Bennett are reunited college roommates. Hollywood's newest resident, "naive" Rex is going to have to get used to things and some of the "weirdos" that Marc says are all around them. When a baby-faced delivery man accidentally knocks on "hunk's" door (instead of the door that the flowers are meant for) he says to Rex, "But they really should be for you." The delivery person goes over to the correct door and gets his big curved, uncut cock thoroughly sucked by his customer, a studly brunet played by Cliff Ryder.

Featuring: Chris Allen, Chris Thompson, Cliff Ryder, Cody Rogers, Dane Ford, Daniel Holt, David Ashfield, Guy Tait, Jeff Hunter, Jesse Koehler, Jimmy Jagger, Kent Douglas, Kevin Bradley, Leigh Erickson (aka Bill Thompson, Marc Bennett), Melchor, Rex Morgan (aka Buck Hayes), Tracy Cole, Vincent Thomas, Wes Vanway
Categories: 1980s, 69, Blowjobs, Masculine, Sex

Strange Places, Strange Things

2 photos, 88:21 of video
Added 10/03/2013 Average Rating: 4.0Average Rating: 4.0Average Rating: 4.0Average Rating: 4.0Average Rating: 4.0
  Avg Rating: 4.0

Strange Places, Strange Things is a gay film by Al Parker about the Eagle Express Messenger Company and its horny delivery men who have sex in strange places. Maintenance men get out of their overalls in a dirty underground tunnel. Two men play with vacuum pumps and enlarge their meat and balls to distorted proportions, then conduct a double self-suck session. A doctor and patient engage in a series of foreskin games, including docking. Window washers fuck on the scaffolding of a skyscraper. A quartet of erotic, well-photographed loops!

Featuring: David Ashfield, Derrick Stanton, Ivan, Melchor, Michael Charles, Rydar Hanson, Scott Taylor
Categories: 1980s, Big Dick, Fetish, J/O, Masculine, Sex