From Every Direction


From Every Direction

Categories: 69, Blowjobs, Handjobs, Masculine, Sex, Young Men

Temptation, the oldest sin, is the focus of this vintage Robert Prion-directed gay sex video! Kyle Douglas greets up his boyfriend, Jason Lucas, by feeling him up so they can trade enthusiastic blowjobs and he can lick and fuck Jason's cute, hairy ass. Sexy-accented Marcello is fixing lean cutie Ricky Hanson's pool heater, but Ricky can't wait for the job to be done to get heated up. Jason is invited to a sexy party by graying Jay Richards and shaggy-haired, pierced Wicked and he can't pass up the opportunity. Brunet Cole Ryder is browsing through a box of old Prion tapes, looking for inspiration, when lanky, bleached Tony Serrano enters and provides it himself. Kyle Douglas' pals Sebastian Jaymz and beefy Devon Williams notice his attraction to them and don't hesitate to initiate something. Plenty of hot blowjobs, ass-fucking, rimming, 69ing, big cocks, and big cumshots!

Featuring: Cole Ryder, Devon Williams, Jason Lucas, Jay Richards, Kyle Douglas, Marcello, Ricky Hanson, Sebastian Jaymz, Tony Serrano, Wicked

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