Goodjac Too


Goodjac Too

Categories: 1980s, Asian, BDSM, Campy, Fetish, Handjobs, J/O, Leather, Masculine, Orgy

Seven more hot, inventive, unusual vintage gay sex scenes from director Michael Goodwin with a focus on masturbation and handjobs. Release your imagination and enjoy! In GET THE MESSAGE, Damien & Peter Spurtz get together for brunch, followed by some steamy mutual J/O. KABUKI TEASE features Cutter Sharp working hard on and off stage. PULL IT SIR PRIZE features Mackenzie Poe, one hot juicy man! Eric Scot & Ying Yang, a nice hot whirlpool, a lotta soap, and a platter of fruit add up to make refreshing video portrait BUBBLES. THEY SAW ME CUMMIN is a noble expression of manhood in leather featuring Mike Michaels. INTERRORGATION marks the truly classic debut of Keith Ardent, portraying an airport executive whose interrogation tactics backfire, resulting in bondage, blindfolding, and anonymous groping! CALL THE KING'S MEN showcases hunky bearded Michael Braun, masked men, a circle jerk, and big cumshots in an costume epic sex fantasy that gives new meaning to the phrase "horn of plenty."

Featuring: Cutter Sharp, Damien, Eric Scot, Keith Ardent, Mackenzie Poe, Michael Braun, Michael Goodwin, Mike Michaels, Peter Spurtz, Uncredited, Ying Yang

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