Powerdrive 500


Powerdrive 500

Categories: 1990s, 69, Blowjobs, J/O, Long Hair, Masculine, Orgy, Sex, Young Men

One of Robert Prion's stronger releases, offering several large dicks, good cumshot footage, and solid production values! Jay Richards and fit brunet Karl Thomas, in an obscene yellow thong, cruise each other at a beach, take photos & fuck. Anthony Matthews beats ramrod-straight boner. Jay Richards, as a photographer from a rock magazine, goes backstage and talks blond punk rocker Damion Ross out of his spandex pants. The showcase segment involves two strippers, Karl Thomas & Joey D'Angelo, who peel off all their clothes, grind & shimmy naked on the bar, but really get busy after the customers are gone. Director Robert Prion himself, a sweet-faced middle aged man, seduces rocker Chip Ryan. A highlight of this film is a solo by Chris Collins, a handsome man has great legs, a great ass, a great dick. And what an orgasm! Feathered blond bottom Bryon Rogers, Dan Stephens & a third enjoy a no-holds-barred threeway and both brunets get up in Byron's ready hole & shower him with jizz. "Prion delivers lots of sex, a generous running time, and a feel-good atmosphere. A must-stock item." - Adult Video News.

Featuring: Anthony Matthews, Bryon Rogers, Chip Ryan, Chris Collins, Damion Ross, Dan Stephens, Jay Richards, Joey D'Angelo, Karl Thomas, Robert Prion

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